Accurately predicting future cash flow is essential for reducing risk, optimizing working capital and achieving strategic goals.

HSBC’s Cash Flow Forecasting tool provides a solution, which is fully integrated with HSBCnet, that forecasts cash movements which impact your day-to-day cash position (from the present day to three years into the future), using information from your organization’s cash pool structures, bank accounts and transaction-level data.

How it works

Benefits for your business

  • Optimise working capital – Real-time balances and cash projections through single sign to HSBCnet.
  • Scale up – Can be used to forecast one area of operations and then expanded to other business units and currencies.
  • Improve visibility – Review the largest forecast movements by business line alongside the largest instances of variance.
  • Gain insight – Access a suite of informative reports, where information can be consolidated, compared for accuracy, interrogated at bank account and intercompany level and saved into user-defined formats.
  • Full control – Manage users, access rights, forecasting structures and forecasting granularity.


  • Dashboard view - Get a big-picture view with the dashboard, which tracks key performance indicators across currencies, business units and time periods.
  • Scenario testing - Test different scenarios to understand the impact on future cash flows, an conduct variance analysis (actual versus forecast) at multiple forecast levels.
  • Integrated with HSBCnet - Benefit from real-time balances and cash projections through a single sign in to HSBCnet, our award-winning online banking portal.
  • Reporting and analytics - Review comprehensive reports and drill down into the detailed data to analyze variances, examine accuracy of actual versus forecast and assess performance. 
  • Input data upload - Easily upload company data through bulk file uploads, and automatically flow HSBC and third-party accounts data into forecasting models with minimal set up.

*Cash Flow Forecasting is a fee-based product.

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