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We serve more than 40 million customers through our global businesses and our network covers 64 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America.

An international bank with a Canadian presence

We aim to be where the growth is, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, ultimately helping people to fulfil their hopes and realize their ambitions.

We are the world’s leading documentary credit-issuing bank and the world's number one in receivables and supply chain finance.

Our people and products

Our capacity extends beyond product breadth to knowledgeable people in your domestic and target export markets. We grow our business in line with customers' needs across products, geographies and supply chains.

Our relationship managers draw on our deep expertise in commercial finance, such as:

  • Global trade and receivables
  • Global liquidity and cash management
  • Global capital
  • Insurance and investment


A collected view

Browse our collections of leading-edge products and problem-busting solutions. Each collection tackles a specific business aim; all of them help you to thrive.

Business Accounts

Our credit and lending solutions

Business card

Gain more control over employee spending with the ability to separate business and personal expenses, as well as manage business transactions online.


Leasing allows you to use your working capital to keep your business running, instead of financing long-term assets.


Minimize the risk of unplanned overdrafts. Improve your cash flow management by having the option to easily access funds.

Revolving loans

Boost working capital to cover short-term or day-to-day expenses by drawing, repaying and redrawing cash as needed within the limits of the facility.

  • HSBCnet
  • HSBCnet Track Payments
  • HSBCnet Trade Transaction Tracker
  • HSBCnet for Trade Finance
  • HSBCnet Mobile Banking

Finding opportunities together

We take a fresh approach to optimizing your business by partnering with you to help make your vision a reality.

High interest. High flexibility.

High time you met our new 31 Day Notice Account.

HSBC BusinessVantage® Mastercard®

The HSBC BusinessVantage® Mastercard® is a convenient and secure way to pay for business and travel-related expenses. In addition to offering tools to manage spending, the card provides extended warranties on purchases, automatic savings at participating merchants, and reward programs.

HSBCnet Mobile Banking

Learn more about the convenience of HSBCnet Mobile.

HSBCnet Service Package Guide

HSBC Connect

HSBC Connect offers your business a comprehensive service that allows you to combine all your payments into one single file format, such as XML or EDI.

HSBCnet for Trade Finance

Benefit from a single, clear picture of your global transactions and one point of access to manage your trade finance, including documentary trade, guarantees and standby letters of credit, trade loans, receivables finance and supply chain finance.

Mobile Cheque Deposit

A fast, secure and convenient way to make deposits* anywhere in Canada.

Global business cards

Increase control over business expenditures and manage working capital more effectively with HSBC’s global corporate credit card solutions. From travel and entertainment, to goods and services – our team of specialists will help optimize your cards programs to improve financial performance.


HSBC focuses on streamlining domestic and foreign payments and collections with our end-to-end global disbursements and receivables services. Plus, our flexible liquidity solutions work seamlessly with your existing processes to ensure you are making the best use of available balances.

Open account

Trade directly with organizations in good financial status using HSBC’s open account solutions. Our receivables finance products deliver financing and collection services. Plus, our supply chain solutions are designed to optimize working capital, reduce costs and increase visibility and control.

International Subsidiary Banking

A global approach, for global businesses.


Effectively and efficiently manage your company cash flows and facilitate trade transactions regardless of your location with HSBCnet.

HSBCnet Trade Transaction Tracker

The quickest and easiest way to access your trade transactions anytime, anywhere.

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