HSBCnet Mobile Banking

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With HSBCnet Mobile, you can take advantage of a powerful range of HSBCnet services though the convenience of your device. Now supporting a full suite of biometric capabilities including touch or face ID for iOS and Android, and face ID for iPhone X or later*.

  • Log on to and access HSBCnet services instead of using your physical Security Device.
  • View account balances and recent transactions
  • Create Priority Payments, Inter-Account Transfers, and Bill Payments for existing Beneficiaries
  • Authorize Priority Payments, Payments in the Eurozone, Inter-Account Transfers, ACH Credits/Debits, Bill Payments and File Level payment instructions
  • See an overview of our liquidity positions with the Liquidity Dashboard1
  • Track the status of payments at any stage of the journey
  • Authorise Import Documentary Credit, Import Bill and Import Loan Trade transactions
  • View Receivables Finance accounts and recent transactions, exchange messages, and draw payments
  • Check real-time status of your import, export, guarantees and buyer/seller loan transactions
  • Track your container with HSBC Trade Transaction Tracker
  • Capture a cheque image and electronically deposit it into your HSBCnet account using the Mobile Remote Deposit Capture feature2
  • Engage with HSBCnet Helpdesk and ask for help using the Mobile Messaging feature3
  • Receive real-time payment notifications via a pop-up banner on your mobile device home screen when a payment is pending your authorisation3

HSBCnet’s Track Payments facility allows you to view, manage and track your payments from end-to-end, with alerts to notify you when needed.

Using HSBCnet’s Track Payments means you can:

  • View your payments journey with alerts to notify you when any change occurs
  • Have increased transparency and visibility including actions taken by the beneficiary.
  • Filter your payments management under multiple criteria such as currency, destination country and amount
  • Use callout tabs to search transactions by their status and quickly determine if any payments require further action
  • Quickly search and filter transactions in a matter of seconds
  • Benefit from SWIFT GPI (Global Payments Innovation) technology to track your payments all the way to the beneficiary bank
  • Enhanced visibility of SWIFT GPI and internal status information

HSBCnet Trade Transaction Tracker provides a global view of your documentary credits, collections, trade loans and guarantees across the world in a single app*.

With HSBCnet’s Trade Transaction Tracker, you can:

  • Get a searchable overview of your trade and guarantee transactions
  • View all your export/import paperwork in real time
  • Track across markets and countries, allowing for better supply chain management
  • Save time on phone, faxes or email with direct mobile access to your detailed trade account information

Cash flow management made simple

When you’re managing your cash flow, secure payment and collection processes are key. HSBCnet tools let you

  • Create a wide variety of local and cross border payment types
  • Create one-time payments dated up to 45 days in the future
  • Use payment templates to streamline repeat payments
  • Create multiple domestic lower value payments in batches, ideal for payroll

Once you’ve successfully created a payment acknowledgement, real-time updates help you track the payment status as it evolves. You can also send updates to your beneficiaries and third parties in their own language once the payments have been released.

Global trade solutions

Greater visibility and efficiency for all your Import, Export, Guarantees/Standby DCs, Receivables Finance and Supply Chain Finance needs.

  • Search, sort and filter transactions, saving you time, improving access to finance, and enhancing liquidity to help maximise your working capital.

Foreign exchange

Online trading, analytics, and global research available through our award-winning online trading platform, HSBC Evolve.

  • Adapts to fast-changing markets and technology
  • Deal in FX, Metals and Money Markets, with live streaming rates available in over 90 currencies
  • Experience a fully integrated execution journey, from pre-trade through to post-trade
  • HSBCnet payment authorisation includes access to Get Rate, a foreign currency exchange service for cross-border and cross-currency payments

Global markets

Using HSBCnet for your global markets activity means you can:

  • Trade quickly with just a few clicks
  • Detach specific windows to allow for easy viewing
  • Post trade reporting for FX and Money Markets and view outstanding trades online
  • View all activity in one place with a single cross-product valuation statement
  • Access indicative foreign exchange and money market data in a wide range of currencies
  • Chart spot rates daily
  • Access Global Research to help inform your strategic business decisions

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