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Effectively and efficiently manage your company cash flows and facilitate trade transactions regardless of your location with HSBCnet.


HSBCnet is a powerful, intuitive tool to help you manage even your most complex banking wherever you are, 24/7.

HSBCnet gives you a clear picture of all your global banking in one place, wherever and whenever you want it. We offer a comprehensive suite of flexible online financial solutions – all designed to help you increase productivity and manage your cash flow. With real-time global access and customizable setup features, you stay in control of the finances at every level of your organization.

Complete control of your finances – at any time

  • Use your single sign-on to access both local and global tools
  • Have a consolidated view of your global HSBC and third-party accounts
  • Multiple international and domestic payment types; EFT; wire; transfer funds between account; bill payments; real time foreign currency rates
  • Supports international trade needs
  • Dedicated Help Centre and Virtual Assistant available

Instant information for informed decisions

  • Flexible reporting, electronic billing and account statements
  • Payment and receivables services
  • Live FX rates and outgoing wire email notifications
  • Real-time information on domestic and international accounts – including prior-day visibility on your non-HSBC accounts

Seamless connectivity

  • Integrate with your ERP systems
  • Consolidate your payment files across currencies and countries, for multiple payment types

Integration with your accounting platform*

  • Suitable for accounts domiciled in Canada or UK
  • Integrate all your HSBC banks accounts with your accounting service provider
  • Improve your visibility and bookkeeping processes through automation and bank feeds

Additional features

  • Cutting edge, multi-level security protocol for users
  • Up to ten levels of payment authorization, depending on needs, limits required and timezone(s) in which they work
  • Access to both HSBC and third-party account balances, using HSBC Bank Canada as your consolidator

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