INTERAC e-Transfer®

Send & receive money safely with the new INTERAC e-Transfer® Autodeposit feature.

INTERAC e-Transfer® is a streamlined, secure, and cost-efficient digital payment option for today’s businesses and an alternative to cheque deposits. Our business customers now have the ability to send and receive e-Transfers via email, mobile number or account number directly into a designated account, saving time and reducing reliance on cheques.


You can access this feature within HSBCnet, our online banking platform, where your e-Transfer receivables will be fully integrated into your business reporting.

Don’t have HSBCnet? No worries. Feel free to connect with your HSBC Relationship Manager or your Global Payments Solutions Sales Manager, if you’d like to register for HSBCnet.

Contact the HSBCnet HelpDesk for additional support. We look forward to supporting your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an INTERAC e-Transfer service?

INTERAC e-Transfer is a secure, fast, and convenient way to send and receive money from a person or a business with an email address or a valid Canadian mobile number, and an eligible bank account with a participating Canadian financial institution. Most transfers complete within one minute but some may take up to 30 minutes.

To send money using the INTERAC e-Transfer service, you will need the recipient's email address, mobile number or banking information (Financial Institution number, Branch Transit number and Account number).

Note: This service is only available in Canadian dollars and for accounts at Canadian financial institutions.


What is the Autodeposit feature of an INTERAC e-Transfer?

Autodeposit is an INTERAC e-Transfer registration feature that allows you to receive incoming INTERAC e–Transfer funds deposited directly into your bank account without answering security question.

Once you register, anytime anyone sends you money using INTERAC e-Transfer to the registered email address or mobile phone number, it will automatically be deposited into the selected account.


What do I need to receive an INTERAC e-Transfer deposit?

You'll need an email address or Canadian mobile and Autodeposit registration.

With the INTERAC e-Transfer service, you’ll have another way to receive electronically deposit funds into your HSBC accounts in Canada in Canadian dollar (CAD), reducing your reliance on cheques.


When I send INTERAC e-Transfer payment, can the beneficiary access funds immediately?

We aim to make this payment as soon as possible however this is dependent on payment and currency cut-off times, weekends and holiday dates. Additionally, beneficiary's banking arrangements, and other limitations may impact when the beneficiary can access the funds. Please request the beneficiary to check with their bank. Note: Your account will be debited instantly once you send your INTERAC e-Transfer payment. Please ensure there are sufficient funds within the intended debit account or your e-Transfer will be rejected.


Can I create or authorise INTERAC e-Transfer payments on HSBCnet Mobile?

Yes, you can authorise INTERAC e-Transfer payments as well as view payment processing (via Track) status through HSBCnet Mobile. Note: Initiating INTERAC e-Transfer payments via HSBCnet Mobile is not available at this time.


What are the fees or service charges for using INTERAC e-Transfer?

INTERAC e-Transfer fees are available within the Commercial Services Statement of Disclosure.

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