Conflicts of Interest Disclosure

Why This Disclosure Statement is Important to You

HSBC Global Banking and Markets, Canada is a business line that operates through HSBC Bank Canada and its wholly owned subsidiary, HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc. Representatives of HSBC Securities (Canada) Inc. (“HSBC”, “our”, “we”) provide a broad range of services to institutional and corporate clients, including fixed income sales and trading. In the course of providing services and products to you, there will be situations where a conflict will arise between our interests and yours. These conflicts may be actual conflicts of interest or you may perceive that we have a conflict of interest. Conflicts can give rise to a concern that we or our representatives may act or will act with a view to their own business or personal interest which may result in our or our representative’s financial gain. Conflicts can also arise in circumstances where there are differing interests amongst clients, which may lead to a perception that we will be favouring a client or set of clients over other clients.

We seek to avoid or minimize conflicts where reasonably possible. We seek to avoid actual or perceived favouritism or discrimination amongst clients and to ensure that no client receives preferential treatment over another in providing financial products and services to you. Some conflicts cannot be avoided, including those conflicts that are inherent in the business model that we use and our relationship with our affiliates, however, at all times, we address these conflicts by implementing controls that we believe to be effective.

Canadian securities laws require us to take reasonable steps to identify and respond to material conflicts of interest in your best interest and tell you about them. This Conflicts Disclosure Statement identifies which conflicts of interest we consider are material when we and our representatives provide financial products and services to you. We also describe the potential impact on and risk that the conflict could pose to you and how we address the conflict to minimize its impact and risks to you and our other clients.

In situations that we do not or cannot avoid a conflict of interest, where our interests may compete with yours, we will always strive to give your interests priority to ours, which allows you to be confident that we address conflicts in your best interest. In addition, there may be other situations that pose unique conflict of interest issues which we will provide you with supplemental disclosure. Unless otherwise specified, we deal with and manage conflicts as follows:

  • We avoid conflicts which are prohibited by law as well as conflicts that we cannot effectively control.
  • Our representatives are required to comply with various policies and procedures, which are designed to ensure that our representatives follow ethical and client-first business practices. These policies and procedures include HSBC Group’s global code of ethics, anti-bribery and corruption policies and procedures and procurement requirements. We have a robust oversight process to ensure that these policies and procedures are effective.
  • We control or manage acceptable conflicts by physically separating different business functions and restricting the internal exchange of information.
  • Our internal compensation practices are designed to ensure that our representatives are not incented or influenced to make recommendations to you about specific products or services we offer.
  • For each material conflict, we seek to resolve it in your best interest.
  • We disclose information about conflicts of interest we consider are material when we and our representatives provide financial products and services to you so that you can assess independently if these conflicts are significant to you.

Material Conflicts of Interest

Below is important information that will help you be fully informed about conflicts of interest we consider are material to you.

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