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Make deposits whenever you want. Our secure Remote Deposit Capture lets you make up to 50 deposits at time, right from your office – without the need for couriers or trips to a branch. A fast, secure and convenient way to make deposits without leaving your office.

With Remote Deposit Capture, you simply scan your deposit items and submit them online. Funds deposited before 7pm ET will be available the next business day.

How it works

1. Sign in to your HSBCnet account

2. Use your HSBC-supplied scanner to capture an
electronic image of your deposit items

3. Submit your deposit and
receive confirmation

  • It’s convenient
    Make deposits from your office – there’s no need to pay a courier or visit a branch to deposit funds. You can deposit up to 50 items at a time, including cheques, money orders and bank drafts written in Canadian or US currency.
  • It’s easy
    Simply connect your HSBC-supplied scanner to your computer and access your HSBCnet profile. The web-based software is intuitive, clearly guiding you through the process to ensure deposits are accurately scanned and submitted.
  • It’s secure
    You set the user access controls to meet your business requirements. Your scanned deposit items are submitted to HSBCnet over a secure 128-bit encrypted connection.
  • It’s efficient
    Deposit slips are a thing of the past. The system software checks for duplicate items and its auto-balancing feature makes it easy to identify errors and manually correct or remove items after scanning.
  • It offers control
    We’ll send you confirmation of each deposit, and you can generate both detailed and summary reports of your transactions. Scanned images of your deposits are available online for 90 days.


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