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HSBC Commercial Banking operates in 54 countries and territories, covering the developed and developing markets that matter most to our customers.

Operating in Canada for nearly 40 years, HSBC is a full-service banking platform with the following business lines:

  • Global Banking and Markets
  • Commercial Banking
  • Wealth and Personal Banking

Local client coverage is provided, with product groups and client services from coast to coast.

Multinational coverage is provided through a dedicated team of Relationship Managers.

HSBC Bank Canada has credit ratings of A3 from Moody’s, A+ from Fitch and A-1 Standard & Poor’s1.

Open up supply chain opportunities

Having a partner with an international network means you can access local experts in global markets and use their insights to optimize business at home and abroad.

Plus, our strong Canadian presence gives you the best of both worlds.

One thing that is unique for us at HSBC is our significant presence in key markets around the world. We have and know people on the ground in key growth markets, so our clients aren’t forced to deal with people for the first time when entering new markets. Instead, we ensure they will be dealing with people who have context to their specific business via the existing relationship with their bankers, which enhances their experience and gives them additional assurance. -

Andrew Skinner | Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC Bank Canada.

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People you can trust

Our capacity extends beyond product breadth to knowledgeable people in your domestic and target export markets. We grow our business in line with customers' needs across products, geographies and supply chains.

International Payments & FX Risk Management

Service. Security. Transparency. Trust. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and help support you. We want to be your Foreign Exchange (FX) partner.
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Receiving currency from overseas

Reliability. Security. Peace of mind. Service. Our team is on hand to deal with any questions. We want to be your FX partner.
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Advanced Hedging Solutions

Expertise. Experience. Solutions. Emerging Markets insight. Our teams wants to partner with you to achieve your risk management goals. Whatever the scenario - we have a bespoke solution.
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Making International Payments

Ease. Speed. Simplicity. Security. Service. Our team is on hand to help your international payment or conversion needs. We want to be your FX partner.
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Managing Currency Risk

Support. Experience. A global network. Expertise. Our team is ready to discuss solutions for any need. We want to be your FX partner.
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