We help you stay productive and protected

Working Capital

We offer a full range of services designed to manage incoming and outgoing cash across your entire organization.

Working Capital

We tailor solutions to your needs by offering over 100 trade and receivables products in five key areas:

  • Working Capital Optimisation
  • International Trade Growth
  • Trade Risk Management
  • Supplier Finance Management
  • Sales Finance Management

Your safety is a part of our strategy

HSBC has implemented Safeguard, a series of initiatives directed against financial crimes.

Information is key to protection,

This is why we may ask you to do one or all of the following:

  • confirm and update your existing personal and/or business details
  • provide some new personal and/or business information

Risk Management

Fraudsters are attempting to scam businesses by impersonating members of upper management, suppliers, partners or even members of the IT support team by email, phone or text. These scams can be financial, where the cybercriminal requests urgent payments, or to gain access to secure business networks and data.

All businesses need to ensure that employees are well aware of these attacks and mitigate for them in the following ways:

  • Consider implementing additional payment verification processes
  • Advise staff to phone the requesting party directly using a verified phone number
  • Similarly, employees should check email addresses against company records for an exact match
  • Staff should only use authorised channels to exchange sensitive business information
  • Home-workers need to use a VPN to access business networks and follow all company security protocols
  • Everyone should be vigilant for any payment requests that are unexpected or irregular

In addition, employees need to be aware of phishing attacks that target them personally. Cyber criminals are sending phishing emails posing as organizations such as banks, Government, the World Health Organization or other health service providers, and pretending to offer a safe haven for money or medical guidance. Their goal is to trick people into sharing personal, professional or financial information.

HSBCnet Mobile Banking

With HSBCnet Mobile, you can take advantage of a powerful range of HSBCnet services though the convenience of your device. Now supporting a full suite of biometric capabilities including touch or face ID for iOS and Android, and face ID for iPhone X or later*.
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Get anytime access to your cash and make deposits on your schedule with HSBCs extensive network of ATMs in Canada and in most countries worldwide. Benefit from surcharge-free withdrawals at both HSBC or THE EXCHANGE® network ATMs across Canada. Quickly find an ATM near you.
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HSBC Connect

HSBC Connect offers your business a comprehensive service that allows you to combine all your payments into one single file format, such as XML.
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HSBCnet Service Package Guide

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HSBCnet for Trade Finance

Benefit from a single, clear picture of your global transactions and one point of access to manage your trade finance, including documentary trade, guarantees and standby letters of credit, trade loans, receivables finance and supply chain finance.
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Effectively and efficiently manage your company cash flows and facilitate trade transactions regardless of your location with HSBCnet.
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An HSBC guarantee enables you to negotiate favourable terms with buyers and suppliers while addressing your financing needs. HSBC offers tailored solutions including performance, advance payment, tender, warranty, financial guarantees and standby letters of credit.
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