Cash, where and when you need it

Every Canadian company is unique. However, there are common needs regardless of size and sector. Companies require services and products that enable safe cash and securities transactions within a global financial framework. Both during and after this economic downturn, no organization can succeed and protect their business without:

  • Ensuring sufficient cash flow
  • Making and receiving payments promptly and efficiently

Reduced liquidity and cash flow can bring unwanted impacts, including purchasing and production delays and halted expansion plans. Nonetheless organizations determined to succeed must continue to plot a course for the future.

What are the most pressing challenges Canadian businesses are facing? And how can those challenges be confronted so that companies are best able to navigate the risks and can position themselves to emerge stronger?

In this webinar, we talk about liquidity and cash management issues and what steps, tools and services your businesses can benefit from immediately.

Worldwide experience solving complex trade challenges

Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships, through the use of guarantees and standby letters of credit.

Our guarantees solutions:

  • Financial guarantees - Use our lease, customs and other financial guarantees as a substitute for cash deposits with your counterparties.
  • Non-financial guarantees - Open up new tender opportunities with HSBC-issued tender bonds, negotiate better contract terms via our performance and warranty guarantees and secure up-front payments via our advance payment guarantees.
  • Standby letters of credit - In markets where your suppliers and buyers are less comfortable with guarantees, HSBC can support your business via both financial and non-financial standby letters of credit.

Working Capital Strategies

Plan Your Entry Into New Markets

To embrace more rapid growth, Canadian companies should consider taking advantage of free trade agreements and new export markets to broaden their prospects beyond North America, while also exploring ways to diversify their supply chains.

Looking to faster-growing international markets can help to secure our long-term economic well-being. A surprisingly small number of Canadian companies generate significant sales outside the U.S. Considering Canada has signed so many free trade agreements, too few Canadian companies are taking advantage of them. -

Andrew Skinner | Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance at HSBC Bank Canada

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