Cash Management Solutions

HSBC Virtual Account – Single Entity

Bring greater efficiency, control and visibility to your accounts receivables with Virtual Account – Single Entity. Every deposit automatically identifies the originator of incoming payments, eliminating the time-consuming job of matching payments with suppliers and invoices.

Mobile Cheque Deposit

A fast, secure and convenient way to make deposits* anywhere in Canada.

Global receivables

Our comprehensive range of global receivables solutions is backed by our global presence and local knowledge. HSBC can help you manage your collection cycle with greater speed and efficiency. Allowing your team to focus on maximizing business opportunities and value add projects.

Clearing and foreign currency payments

Optimize your working capital and make transactions in local and foreign currencies more efficiently by using HSBC’s payment and account solutions. Validate transaction details online, receive transaction confirmation immediately and customize payment templates to reduce errors.

31 Day Notice Account

At HSBC Bank Canada, we understand how a business’s needs can change from day to day. Our new account may allow you to earn higher interest than similar term investment products while still offering the flexibility to access your money.

HSBC BusinessVantage® Mastercard®

The HSBC BusinessVantage® Mastercard® is a convenient and secure way to pay for business and travel-related expenses. In addition to offering tools to manage spending, the card provides extended warranties on purchases, automatic savings at participating merchants, and reward programs.

Global payables

Using our global payables solutions, you will be able to manage expenses and payments more effectively, while also minimizing your exposure to payment fraud. Reconciliation is also faster, which can help further streamline payments management.

Liquidity, liability and investments

Increase the efficiency of your operations by managing cash on a portfolio basis across more than 50 markets globally. With HSBC’s global liquidity solutions you will have access to a range of self-funding, deposit and investment techniques, tailored to local market regulations.

Remote Deposit Capture

Make deposits whenever you want. Our secure Remote Deposit Capture lets you make up to 50 deposits at time, right from your office – without the need for couriers or trips to a branch. A fast, secure and convenient way to make deposits without leaving your office.


HSBC focuses on streamlining domestic and foreign payments and collections with our end-to-end global disbursements and receivables services. Plus, our flexible liquidity solutions work seamlessly with your existing processes to ensure you are making the best use of available balances.

International Payments & FX Risk Management

Service. Security. Transparency. Trust. Our team is ready to discuss your needs and help support you. We want to be your Foreign Exchange (FX) partner.

Receiving currency from overseas

Reliability. Security. Peace of mind. Service. Our team is on hand to deal with any questions. We want to be your FX partner.

Advanced Hedging Solutions

Expertise. Experience. Solutions. Emerging Markets insight. Our teams wants to partner with you to achieve your risk management goals. Whatever the scenario - we have a bespoke solution.

Making International Payments

Ease. Speed. Simplicity. Security. Service. Our team is on hand to help your international payment or conversion needs. We want to be your FX partner.

Managing Currency Risk

Support. Experience. A global network. Expertise. Our team is ready to discuss solutions for any need. We want to be your FX partner.