We want to help you understand your privacy rights and options so you can make informed decisions when using our products, services, websites and apps. We are required by law to collect certain information in order to serve you. Some additional information is needed for normal business purposes. Finally, some information is optional - you can choose not to provide it from the start, or can withdraw your permission at any time.

These are your privacy choices with HSBC Canada:

Item Description What you can do

Accessing your information

You can review and update your account details (address, billing information, account settings, password, etc.). We aim to keep customer information accurate and complete, so if your circumstances change, please update your information with us promptly.

Log on to your account or call us at 1-888-310-4722 to make changes.

You can request access to personal information we hold about you. There may be a small charge for doing so. You may correct the information if there are any mistakes

Request access to your information. Once we receive and have validated your request, you'll receive the information within 30 calendar days.

Making an inquiry or complaint

If you have a problem or concern with how we handle your information, we want to know.

Follow our complaint resolution process.

Receiving advertising and participating in customer research

Online advertising and cookies

We use “cookies” to provide an improved online experience, track your interaction with our websites and offer advertising that may be relevant to you. Cookies are stored in your browser, which is the program you use to access websites. Examples of browsers include Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The types of cookies we use include:

  • Session cookies - these are temporary cookies that disappear once you leave our website. They help us determine if a secured session has been established, which protects your data and accounts
  • Persistent cookies - these are cookies that are stored permanently on your computer, and are used to collect information on general website usage.
  • Tailored content cookies- these are a type of persistent cookie our website and online banking platform uses to provide you with personalized offers.

To learn more, read our frequently asked questions about cookies.

To opt-out of cookies by HSBC:

  • Opt-out through this website - this option lets you stop our collection of tailored content cookies so you don't receive offers through a variety of channels.
  • Change your web browser settings - you can remove or turn off all cookies, or just certain cookies. Follow your browser's directions to learn how to do this

To opt-out of seeing personalized ads based on your online behaviour, go to one of the following sites:

Advertising through other methods

From time to time we promote our products and services through other methods, such as email, phone calls and statement inserts. If you prefer, you may choose not to receive promotional offers in these ways.

To opt-out of advertising through other methods, as well as being contacted to participate in customer research:

Participating in customer research

You may choose not to have us contact you to participate in marketing research. We may still contact you for feedback on our products and services.

Using SIN for identification

For certain products we ask for your Social Insurance Number (SIN) as a form of additional identification. In such cases it is not required by law, so you may prefer not to provide it.

To opt-out of providing your SIN for identification:

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