Lease Financing


With over 25 years experience providing leasing solutions in Canada, we focus on simplicity and customer service. We have over 40 leasing employees across Canada dedicated to sales and service, and with a leasing book of over CAD 2 billion, we are one of the largest bank leasing providers in the country.

Keeping it simple for customers

HSBC leases are structured under a Master Lease Agreement. Once a certain lease credit facility is approved, adding new equipment is quick and easy. Each new asset is not a new lease deal; it is simply a new schedule under the Master Lease Agreement.
A company can obtain lease financing regardless of whether there is an existing banking relationship with HSBC

Understanding customers overall financing needs

Unlike mono-line lease companies or other Financial Institutions, leasing is a support to the overall relationship with HSBC. Whether it is a leasing solution, a trade finance solution or a more traditional financing package, we have a full view of a company’s needs and the right financing package to drive success.

Strategic financing

With a credit department that understands leasing and the experience of our senior team, approvals can be provided to connect our customers to the best deals. Asset upgrades can be a reaction to market forces and need to act fast to take advantage.

Custom solutions

We can customize the lease structure to a company’s needs with variable payment schedules and flexible structures.

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