Lease Financing


With over 25 years experience providing leasing solutions in Canada, we focus on simplicity and customer service. They are the keys to being successful in providing the best leasing solutions.

100% Financing to protect your cash

Unlike term loans, lease financing can provide financing for 100% of the value of a purchase. Most term loans will cap the loan to value ratio at 75%, forcing companies to use short term cash or operating capital to finance productive assets.

Long term financing for long term assets

Match the financing time horizon to the useable life of the asset. Pay for assets as a company consumes them across the lifespan, with lease terms tailored to serve different needs.

Spread liability over asset lifespan

With lease financing companies can better align the cost of acquiring the asset to the ability to generate revenue. This can make forecasting and cost analysis easier and more accurate over the life of the assets being acquired.

Reduce upfront sales tax liability

Pay a portion of the sales tax with each lease payment, spreading the tax liability across the life of the asset. With large scale purchases this can save a significant amount of up-front expense and further align the cost with the assets ability to generate revenue.

Lower or no legal fees

Lease financing may have lower legal costs than traditional financing, or perhaps no legal fees at all.

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