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How is Creative Energy using energy from land, sea, air, and sewage to heat and cool neighbourhoods?

Find out how a syndicated facility structured and led by HSBC is helping Creative Energy scale up its innovative technology and heat and cool Canadian buildings

What You Don’t Know About Canadian Business Success: Progressive Industrial Fluids x HSBC

Find out how Canada’s Progressive Industrial Fluids is using green equipment finance to smooth its transition to net zero.

PRT: How can a green loan help to rebuild North America’s forests?

Learn how HSBC’s green financing is helping connect seedling producer PRT to its next branch of growth

Episode 6: Conair x HSBC

See how BC's Conair is fighting both the cause and effects of climate change. Find out what you don’t know about partnering on a business plan for the planet.

What You Don't Know About Canadian Business Success: Lynnwood Roofing x HSBC

Lynnwood Roofing, a commercial roofing contractor specializing in installation and repairs, is working hard to change — a solar panel at a time.

Lion Electric: A business plan to electrify transportation

How is Lion Electric revolutionizing the transport (school bus) industry to help create a more sustainable future for Canadians? Find out what you don’t know about a business plan that is working to improve our society by electrifying transport.

Frontenac: A US-Canadian green loan highlights the significance of private equity on the road to net zero

Last year US-based private equity firm Frontenac selected HSBC to finance its acquisition of Newterra, a provider of water and wastewater treatment solutions. In doing so, Frontenac became the first firm to receive a private equity loan in Canada under Green Loan Principles1 that require loan proceeds to be allocated to sustainable projects.

Concert Properties: Helping to build a sustainable future

Concert Properties President and CEO Brian McCauley, along with VP of Innovation and Sustainability Dave Ramslie, are leading the company’s sustainability strategy to build residential and commercial developments that create healthy and vibrant communities. Concert’s latest project, Tapestry at Victoria Harbour, is a seniors living community that is setting the bar for sustainability performance – and it’s being financed through an HSBC Green Loan, the first of its kind in Canada.

In Conversation With Brian McCauley of Concert Properties

Concert Properties CEO Brian McCauley talks with Kristy Todd Millar, Director of Commercial Real Estate at HSBC, about why sustainability is a business imperative, the importance of organizational resilience, and how Concert qualified for Canada’s first Green Loan.


In the midst of this unprecedented economic environment, many businesses are thriving. How are they doing it?

Tune into HSBC Talks Business, a global podcast series that explores the challenges companies around the world are facing, and the innovative ways that banking solutions are helping them succeed. We speak with business leaders from small to mid-size companies, along with HSBC experts, to understand topics like sustainability, cash management, supply chain optimization and more.

What you don’t know: Transportation manufacturer Lion Electric

Hear Angie Hall, Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking at HSBC Bank Canada, and Marc Bédard, CEO and Founder of Lion Electric discuss the unique financing and banking needs of Lion Electric, and how HSBC is helping them achieve their goals.



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Frontenac: A business plan for sustainable finance

Join Angie Hall, Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking at HSBC Bank Canada, for a conversation with Ronald Kuehl, Managing Director at Frontenac. Learn how Frontenac is expanding its sustainable footprint, using more green financing across its asset portfolio and the role HSBC played in supporting this.



Turning ESG commitments into actions

Listen to Kelly Fisher, Head of US Corporate Sustainability, talk to two of our clients’ sustainability leaders from Mercon Group and Atlas Corp (Parent company of Seaspan) about their ESG strategies in their industries, what’s driving their approach and what the benefits are for their stakeholders.



Energy Systems of the Future

Join Kim Hallwood, Head of Corporate Sustainability for HSBC Bank Canada for a conversation with Zoe Knight, Global Head, Centre of Sustainable Finance with HSBC Bank plc. Zoe shares her global insights and perspectives on the emerging trends, evolution and transformation in energy and solutions for a net zero future.



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Sustainability is about safeguarding the long-term health of the environment and ensuring a thriving, resilient future for your business and wider society.

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With change, comes opportunity and that’s why HSBC is here to help you understand and act on your sustainability journey. As part of our effort to do so, we have launched the new HSBC Sustainability Tracker – a simple tool for businesses which are just starting out or already on their sustainability journey.


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