Peel Warehousing and Cold Storage

Few products can go directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Even fewer food producers have the means needed to build dedicated warehouses to house those products as they work their way along the supply chain.

That’s where Peel Warehousing and Cold Storage comes in. Located close enough to major rail lines and Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to act as a hub for many food producers, Peel Warehousing and Cold Storage has become a critical partner in helping CanFoods expand into Eastern Canada. CanFoods cereals are shipped from Calgary to Peel’s facilities in Brampton, Ontario, where they are stocked until ordered by retailers. This central location allows CanFoods to employ a just-in-time model, keeping their product cost-effective, reducing waste and ensuring quick delivery to retailers in Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada.

Peel Warehousing and Cold Storage’s finance and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are the beating hearts of its operations, enabling the company to efficiently and effectively work with hundreds of manufacturers and retailers across Canada. However, the company realized that a lack of integration between the two vital systems slowed down its operations and led to substantial rework and errors.

In an effort to become a more sustainable operation, Peel Warehousing and Cold Storage also committed to identifying opportunities to upgrade its facilities to meet modern standards – and required funding to finance its new efforts.

Peel Warehousing and Cold Storage

1,228 employees

$139.6 million in annual revenue

Now with HSBC Connect, Peel is able to do straight-through processing of payments, cash management and treasury operations in a safe, secure and encrypted manner that improves both operational and technical efficiency.

Peel Warehousing significantly upgraded its facilities to become more energy-efficient and to reduce its carbon footprint. To finance the significant upgrades required to modernize a 35-year-old facility, Peel turned to HSBC Green Loans to provide the capital expenditure needed to turn its vision into reality.

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