Founded as a point-of-sale technology provider in Ottawa in 1998, ExactEnterprise has grown into a global leader in providing ERP and SCM solutions for customers and industries worldwide. Its RetailERP is one of the highest-rated solutions for the SMB market and has been adopted by small and mid-size grocers and retailers around the globe.

When an independent grocer in New Brunswick needs to order a new SKU of CanFoods-brand cereal, odds are they place their order through an ExactEnterprise RetailERP system.

With customers around the world, ExactEnterprise knows first-hand how fluctuating currency exchange rates can have a major impact on its bottom line. As such the company was looking for solutions that can help it mitigate foreign exchange risk and positions, and expertise that could provide guidance to help it make its approach to foreign exchange a business strength.


6,215 employees worldwide

$8.6 billion in annual revenue

ExactEnterprises works with HSBC Bank Canada’s team of foreign exchange specialists to advise it on strategies for managing foreign exchange positions.

ExactEnterprises uses HSBCnet’s HSBC Evolve, a flexible, efficient and powerful trading platform that gives them increased control over their foreign exchange activities and helps to mitigate risk from foreign exchange exposure.

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Step 8 - Retail

Moncton’s Joelle Ribadeau decided to open her own independent grocer. As with any small business, one of the first things needed when starting out was a savings and chequing account for the business, along with a credit card to help with product purchasing and small operational expenses.

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