Moncton Fine Foods

When Moncton’s Joelle Ribadeau decided to open her own independent grocery store in 2018, she wanted to create a better shopping experience for her customers. Central to this was offering a mix of big brand and specialty goods with locally-sourced organic produce and dairy, all at a highly competitive price.

One way to achieve this was to stock as much Canada-made product as possible, which is which is why CanFoods’ cereals have been a feature product on the shelves of her three locations since day one. With one click of a button in her RetailERP system, her best-selling breakfast cereal is delivered on time and ready for the customer every time inventory runs low.

As with any small business, one of the first things needed when starting out was a savings and chequing account for the business, along with a credit card to help with product purchasing and small operational expenses.

Moncton Fine Food

174 employees

$34.2 million in annual revenue

Selected HSBC’s BusinessVantage Chequing and Savings accounts for her day-to-day operations.

Uses HSBC BusinessVantage Mastercard to pay vendors and cover smaller operational costs that pop up each and every day, benefiting from its built-in rewards programs and warranties.

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Step 9 - Home Goods Manufacturing

Industries Boucherville sells its goods under its own label, as well as white labelled products branded by major retailers across Eastern Canada. A significant portion of Industries Boucherville’s recent growth has been from new relationships forged in Europe the European market. These new overseas relationships created cash flow challenges due to delivery times as well as additional risks new relationships bring.

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Export Financing Solutions

Gain more control over exports, improve cashflow and manage risks associated with international trade more effectively using HSBC’s export finance facilities.

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