Step 1 - Raw Materials

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AgriSask Farms

AgriSask Farms is a small, independent grower of wheat and corn based outside Watson, Saskatchewan. The growing family operation employs just under 50 full-time employees year-round, hiring more workers during the harvest.

AgriSask has established annual agreements to sell 50% to 60% of its wheat yield to three food production companies for use in a variety of food products shipped across Canada and the United States. Each September, truckloads of wheat leave AgriSask properties and enter the food supply chain.

While the company had a strong handle on its operation, it was challenged by its manual approach to cash flow management. Often paper cheques sat on desks for weeks before being taken to the bank, and invoices were often paid weeks (and in some cases months) overdue.

AgriSask Farms

46 employees

$12.9 million in annual revenue

AgriSask adopted HSBCnet Mobile Banking to better manage cash flows from the office, the grain terminal and the fields. The company set up a series of priority payments to ensure that vendors and partners are paid promptly, without the need for additional work for the busy operator.

Adopted Mobile Remote Deposit Capture to automatically and electronically deposit funds when payments are received via paper cheque.

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Step 2 - Ground Transportation

PrairiePriority has been a trusted logistics provider for independent and regional food producers, manufacturers and other businesses in Western Canada for more than 40 years.

The company relies on its fleet to drive revenue, but the cost of replacing older vehicles can hurt the company’s bottom line. The transportation specialist is looking for new ways to add greater balance to its balance sheets throughout the year.

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Lease Financing

Lease financing solutions can create greater efficiency in cash flow and may simplify corporate taxes. Companies dependent on high cost assets to generate revenue will benefit from leasing by better aligning the cost of acquiring those assets with the ability to generate revenue.

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Receivables Finance

HSBC’s receivables finance solution allows access up to 90 per cent of the value of your invoices as soon as the next business day1.

1 All offers of financing are subject to credit adjudication, qualification and prior approval. Country conditions or restrictions may apply.

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