Step 6: Rail Transportation

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CanadaTrax Rail

CanadaTrax Rail is a Canadian Class I freight railway servicing most of Canada and much of the U.S. Eastern seaboard. The company has been one of the largest employers in Canada for nearly a century, and is one of the most trusted names in rail transportation in the country.

Shipments leave Peel Warehousing & Cold Storage on CanadaTrax trains daily, destined for locations like Ottawa, Montreal, Fredericton and Halifax. Many of the products on grocery store shelves in Atlantic Canada (including CanFoods’ cereals) spend time aboard a CanadaTrax train on their journey from manufacturer/producer to customer.

With more than 20,000 employees on payroll, it’s critical that CanadaTrax has a crystal-clear picture of its liquidity at all times. The company also works with thousands of individual payers, creating a mountain of paperwork that requires countless hours of pain-staking, detail-oriented manual tracking each month.

CanadaTrax Rail

22,325 employees

$11.9 billion in annual revenue

Using HSBCnet’s Liquidity Management Dashboard, CanadaTrax has a consolidated view of its cash position and tools that allow it to self-manage liquidity in real time, facilitating improved, better informed funding and investment decisions.

CanadaTrax also turned to HSBC’s Virtual Accounts Payer Identification solution. The tool automatically identifies the originator of incoming payments, saving CanadaTrax’s Accounts Receivables department countless hours previously spent matching payments with suppliers and invoices.

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Step 7 - Technology

ExactEnterprise is a global leader in providing ERP and SCM solutions for customers and industries worldwide. With customers around the world, ExactEnterprise knows first-hand how fluctuating currency exchange rates can have a major impact on its bottom line. The company is looking for solutions that can help it mitigate foreign exchange risk and positions.

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HSBC Evolve

A flexible, efficient and powerful trading platform that gives them increased control over their foreign exchange activities and helps to mitigate risk from foreign exchange exposure.

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