BoxCo. of Burnaby

In a space as crowded as breakfast cereal, where the average grocery store may shelve upwards of 100 different products at any given time, packaging plays an integral role in driving brand awareness and customer purchasing.

Few companies know this as well as BoxCo. of Burnaby, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of packaging for food and consumer goods. That’s why CanFoods Limited turned to BoxCo. of Burnaby to act as the exclusive packaging manufacturer for seven of the company’s best-selling cereal lines produced in Calgary. BoxCo. of Burnaby manufactures the packaging at its facility in British Columbia, shipping to Calgary for use.

The manual nature of cash flow forecasting resulted in a significant amount of time and effort being spent by the treasury team on forecasting cash positions at the expense of higher value-added tasks. Additionally, these manual forecasting efforts generally resulted in low accuracy forecasts.

This lack of accurate cash forecasts had a knock-on effect on other processes. For instance, BoxCo. faced heightened liquidity risk as a result of the low accuracy of forecasts, which inhibited the treasury team from managing risk adequately. This led them to rely on processes such as using external borrowing to fund daily liquidity needs or holding excess cash, resulting in both increased expenses, and reduced interest income.

BoxCo. of Burnaby

22 employees

$12.2 million in annual revenue

The CFF platform is accessed via HSBCnet, which allowed BoxCo access to bank statements, real-time balances and cash projections on a single, centralized platform.
HSBC’s Cash Flow Forecasting (CFF) platform helped BoxCo. streamline forecasting complexities and increase transparency of future cash positions. The CFF platform provided the company with greater automation over forecasting processes by enabling automated data entry methods into forecasting models and templates that are automatically generated by the platform. Cash flow key performance indicators (KPIs) are tracked through a Cash Flow KPI dashboard, and detailed reports provide analytics such as key cash flow drivers, and comparisons between forecasted and actual cash positions through the CFF platform. These helped BoxCo. achieve higher accuracy of forecasting by granting greater visibility on actual versus forecasted future cash positions.

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Step 5 - Warehousing

Peel Warehousing and Cold Storage acts as a hub for many food producers. Their finance and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are the beating hearts of its operations, enabling the company to efficiently and effectively work with hundreds of manufacturers and retailers across Canada. However, the company realized that a lack of integration between the two vital systems slowed down its operations and led to substantial rework and errors.

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HSBC Connect

An integrated payables solution that facilitates straight-through processing of your domestic and international payments.

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Green Loans

A highly accessible way for companies of all sizes to align their financing with their sustainability strategy that meets the requirements of the Loan Market Association’s Green Loan Principles. The principles provide a consistent methodology across the green loan market.

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