Step 3 – Industrial Manufacturing

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Smythe Bloom

Following a large-scale expansion in 2014, CanFoods Limited upgraded all of its cereal production equipment to machinery manufactured by Smythe Bloom. Smythe Bloom is a highly regarded international manufacturer of equipment for the biscuit, bread, snack, confectionary and breakfast cereal sectors.

CanFoods uses Smythe Bloom equipment assembled in Winnipeg for a process called “rotary steam cooking,” a traditional method that plays a central role in turning the grains received from PrairiePriority into many of the producer’s most popular cereal lines.

Smythe Bloom equipment uses parts manufactured by specialty providers from North America, Europe and Asia. With partners scattered around the globe waiting for payments, Smythe Bloom needed to find a way to keep their cost of funding in check while ensuring smooth payment to partners everywhere from Boston to Barcelona to Beijing – all while ensuring information was shared accurately and efficiently with other offices worldwide.

Smythe Bloom

11,217 employees across seven manufacturing facilities in three markets worldwide

$2.2 billion in annual revenue

Smythe Bloom turned to HSBC’s Supplier Finance Management solution to strengthen partnerships with key suppliers around the world by reducing cost of funding, improving visibility and control over their global supply chain

A global HSBCnet user, Smythe Bloom also benefits from a single point of access to accounts and information and greater connectivity with its other international locations, allowing the Canadian arm of the company to have better co-ordination with its other locations around the world.

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Step 4 - Packaging

CanFoods Limited turned to BoxCo. to act as the exclusive packaging manufacturer for seven of the company’s best-selling cereal lines produced in Calgary. The manual nature of cash flow forecasting resulted in a significant amount of time and effort being spent by the treasury team on forecasting cash positions at the expense of higher value-added tasks with low accuracy forecasts.

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