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Industries Boucherville

Industries Boucherville’s slogan says it best: “We’re the best in the bowl game!” Known for durable, fashionable and cost-effective homewares, the company has developed an established retail presence in major big box retailers across Canada, the United States and parts of Europe.

The company sells its goods under its own label, as well as white label products branded by major retailers across Eastern Canada. Chances are that if you’re eating your breakfast cereal from a bowl anywhere east of Ontario, you’re eating it out of a product manufactured in Boucherville, Quebec.

A significant portion of Industries Boucherville’s recent growth has been from new relationships forged in Europe, which has made exporting a major part of the company’s business. These new overseas relationships created cash flow challenges due to increased delivery times as well as additional risks new relationships bring

Industries Boucherville

540 employees

$98.6 million in annual revenue,

To help mitigate these additional cash flow challenges and risks HSBC were able to support with our export financing solutions such a Export Documentary Credit, collections and Export Loans.

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Step 10 - Conclusion

Each stage of the supply chain process is critical in delivering you the products you want, and many hands go into even the simplest of tasks and activities of your day-to-day existence. The challenges faced by the many companies that make up supply chains are unique and plentiful, and require expert support from a trusted and experienced financial partner like HSBC Bank Canada to navigate.

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“Rebuilding global supply will be a headwind for businesses over the coming years. We need to figure out how to establish some of these supply chains that have been impacted through the global pandemic, and get trade between Canada and the rest of the world back to a place of strength.”

Andrew Skinner

Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC Bank Canada

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