Sibos: 11-14 October, 2021

There has arguably never been a more exciting time for the banking industry. Geopolitics, digital innovation and climate change are reshaping the world at a rapid pace and the industry must react accordingly.

HSBC has been playing a leading role in shaping the debate at Sibos 2021. Listen to the podcasts on key themes including digital acceleration, technological innovation, risk and change, and sustainability now.

Episode 4

HSBC's Sibos Spotlight: Investing in the Future - from Diversity to Green Deposits

4 October 2021

In the final instalment of our Sibos miniseries, TMI's Eleanor Hill invites HSBC's Nadine Lagarmitte and Suraj Kalati to consider how corporates' attitudes to ESG are changing, including a growing interest in ESG investment. Our guests explain the incentives behind HSBC's green deposit scheme, explore how ESG product development is evolving in response to tighter regulation, and share their key lessons for leaders looking to embrace the social values of ESG. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. English only.



Episode 3

The ESG Landscape - what every treasurer needs to know

27 September 2021

In the third edition of our Sibos miniseries,TMI's Eleanor Hill invites HSBC's Farnam Bidgoli to provide an in-depth overview of the current ESG landscape, so that treasurers can build a credible sustainability strategy. Amongst an excess of ESG insights, Farnam explains how treasury teams can prepare for upcoming regulatory changes including the EU Taxonomy, demonstrates how to leverage ESG KPIs, and clarifies how treasurers can transition to an ESG-led approach in their daily operations. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. English only.



Episode 2

HSBC's Sibos Spotlight: Embedding ESG in Trade and Supply Chains

20 September 2021

In the second episode of our Sibos miniseries, TMI's Eleanor Hill speaks to Surath Sengupta (HSBC) about embedding ESG into trade and supply chains. Our guest shares many valuable insights on how treasurers can improve their ESG metrics in the trade space, discusses the barriers to overcome when leveraging sustainable solutions, and considers if external collaboration between treasury departments and their suppliers is the key to ESG implementation success. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. English only.



Episode 1

HSBC's Sibos Spotlight: Central Bank Digital Currencies

13 September 2021

In the first episode of our new HSBC Sibos Spotlight miniseries, TMI's Eleanor Hill is joined by Mark Williamson and James Pomeroy (HSBC) to discuss the hot topic of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Here, our guests discuss the reaction from different central banks to the emergence of CBDCs, consider the potential implications of these currencies on global economies, and demystify what sets CBDCs apart from other digital currencies. Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. English only.



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