Managing your supply chain

See what other manufacturing and producing businesses are doing to manage supply chain finance and thrive in rapidly changing times. See what your industry says.


What supply chain lessons can you learn from other industries?

Looking outside of your business – and your sector – can help you find innovative ways to strengthen your supply chain finance strategies. But what are the key questions you need to be asking, and what impact can you expect?

Importance of Green Trade in Post-Pandemic World

Learn how governments and corporations in Canada are tapping green trade financing opportunities with the aim to build back better in a post-COVID19 world

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Canada: The land of opportunity and gateway to the Americas

For companies seeking to expand their footprint in the Americas and beyond, there’s no better place to start than Canada. The country has expansive trade agreements, giving it access to 1.5 billion people around the world.

2021 HSBC Navigator: The Voice of Business

Have Canadian companies become climate skeptics? When it comes to their views on the effectiveness of global climate pacts, they most certainly are. So, what does this mean for widespread adoption and implementation of sustainable business practices when less than a quarter of organizations are concerned with environmental threats? Are we missing opportunities here?

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