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Discover the key insights on four areas that matter to you: sales, cash flow, supply chain and protecting your business.

Supply Chain Management

How can you optimise a global supply chain and strengthen supplier relationships to succeed in times of global instability?

Protect Your Business

How can you trade more safely and securely across markets and with new partners to help you achieve global growth?

Managing Sales and Customers

Could strengthening sales relationships and more efficient payments help you boost financial resilience in your manufacturing business?

Ensuring Sufficient Cash Flow

What can you learn from other businesses about ensuring healthy cash flow amid unpredictable trading conditions?

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Trade with confidence

How are manufacturing and producing business around the world dealing with the challenges of global disruption?

How are they managing sales? And how do they protect themselves from risk?

What are they doing to maximise cash flow and strengthen their supply chains? And how are they turning uncertainty into opportunity as a result?

We spoke with manufacturing and producing businesses like yours to get their say.

See how your business compares, and how you can adapt to changing conditions.

Solutions to support your business in uncertain times

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2021 HSBC Navigator: The Voice of Business

Have Canadian companies become climate skeptics? When it comes to their views on the effectiveness of global climate pacts, they most certainly are. So, what does this mean for widespread adoption and implementation of sustainable business practices when less than a quarter of organizations are concerned with environmental threats? Are we missing opportunities here?

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