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Supply Chain Management

How can you optimise a global supply chain and strengthen supplier relationships to succeed in times of global instability?

Protect Your Business

How can you trade more safely and securely across markets and with new partners to help you achieve global growth?

Managing Sales and Customers

Could strengthening sales relationships and more efficient payments help you boost financial resilience in your manufacturing business?

Ensuring Sufficient Cash Flow

What can you learn from other businesses about ensuring healthy cash flow amid unpredictable trading conditions?

Global Supply Chain Report – Networks of tomorrow

Trade remains the bedrock of the global economy – having reached a record USD32 trillion in 20221 – despite prevailing recessionary concerns and the risks around deglobalisation.

In researching for the ‘Global Supply Chains – Networks of Tomorrow’ report, HSBC teamed up with East and Partners to understand global supply chains and the future of supply chain financing and sustainability.

Canadian manufacturers play a key role in global trade. However to maintain their position in international trade, Canadian businesses need to find efficient and sustainable ways to scale their operations and deliver further growth.

Manufacturers in Canada have a reputation as safe and reliable suppliers of goods. By helping them gain a better picture of transactions across their supply chain, we can help ensure our customers remain global partners-of-choice.

Andrew Skinner | Head of Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC Bank Canada

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