Companies have spent most of 2020 just trying to survive. But forward-thinking businesses are taking control of their cash flow today to make sure they can seize opportunities when the time is right.

Few organizations can afford to fail at aspects as critical as cash flow and payments, even in the best of times. The right strategies, the right solutions and the right partners can mean the difference between a company struggling to survive today and one that’s thriving tomorrow.

To thrive in the future of work Canadian companies will need to be agile, which means being liquid. The faster smart cash management strategies are adopted, the greater the ability for agility in the future.

Reduced liquidity and cash flow can bring unwanted impacts, including purchasing and production delays and halted expansion plans. Organizations determined to succeed amid COVID-19 must ensure consistent cash flow as they plan for the future.



Businesses should be engaging in strategic planning for the “new normal,” focusing on how to offset the major challenges posed by COVID-19 to reinvent themselves and thrive in the post-pandemic future.

No organization can succeed and protect their business from long-term damage without ensuring sufficient cash flow and making and receiving payments promptly and efficiently.

Measures like 13-week cash flow programs, scenario planning and cost-reduction can be vital to future success, but need to be implemented today.

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