It can take years to build a business, but only a moment to change it. Hear about the moments that inspired, challenged and defined businesses, as told by the business leaders who lived them.

What are the moments that define a business? Share your challenge with us, together we will find the opportunities.

Episode 8: Jovi Sports x HSBC

How did Quebec-based business, Jovi Sports, manage the challenges on the path to significant growth? See how the close relationship with HSBC provided them the support and the best financial solutions to help Jovi Sports achieve their goals.

Before, the financing for high-volume orders was a constant preoccupation. Now, we have the confidence to meet high demand and to support our growth. We sleep at night!

Charles Ewing | Chief Financial Officer of Jovi Sports

Episode 7: Storkcraft x HSBC

See how Storkcraft’s strong partnership with HSBC led to creative trade financing solutions and expansion plans, leading to future growth opportunities.

Having a partner like HSBC has helped me scale the business to the next level.

Adam Segal | President and CEO of Storkcraft

Episode 6: Conair x HSBC

See how BC's Conair is fighting both the cause and effects of climate change. Find out what you don’t know about partnering on a business plan for the planet.

You really need a partner that’s in it for the long run and understands your business.

Sandy Treagus | Chief Financial Officer

We provide both the aircraft and the pilots to perform aerial firefighting really anywhere in the world.

Matt Bradley | President & CEO

Episode 5: SmileCDR x HSBC

Hear why SmileCDR’s open-source platform has the power to change the healthcare industry on the latest episode of the HSBC Talks Business podcast. Find out what you don’t know about changing the way the world accesses healthcare.

We grew from 30 to 300 people. You can’t do that without a bank supporting you.

Duncan Weatherston | CEO



Episode 4: MetalCraft Marine x HSBC

See why every major port in the world likely has a boat in it built by Kingston, Ontario company MetalCraft Marine. Find out what you don’t know about becoming the world leader in an industry.

HSBC gives us the tools; we focus on building world-class boats.

Michael Allen | General Manager

Episode 3: Lion Electric X HSBC

How is Lion Electric revolutionizing the transport (school bus) industry to help create a more sustainable future for Canadians? Find out what you don’t know about a business plan that is working to improve our society by electrifying transport.

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Episode 2: Leclerc Foods x HSBC

Get up close with an iconic Quebec food company that has been making big inroads into the U.S. over the last two decades. Find out what you don’t know about the challenges of expanding a fifth-generation family business.

HSBC gave us a good platform for transferring money between Canada and the U.S.

Jean-Sebastien Leclerc | Vice-President

Episode 1: Umbra x HSBC

Take a closer look at a Toronto-based company with an iconic design ethos that’s been fuelling its international growth for over 40 years. Find out what you don’t know about growing a global design company.

HSBC has a great global perspective.

Les Mandelbaum | Co-Founder, President & CEO

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