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At HSBC diversity is a part of everything we do, and everything we are. Our commitment to inclusion and creating more opportunities for underrepresented groups is at the centre of our business, and a priority for us all.

Let’s start talking. Share your challenge with us, together we will find the opportunities.

Discover how Canadian businesses are embracing diversity.

Accent Inns & Hotel Zed: The onus is on companies: Lead with love

Mandy Farmer, President and CEO of Accent Inns and Hotel Zed, shared her experience leading her team through the many challenges of the pandemic.

Virtual Gurus: Our people are our North Star

Bobbie Racette, Founder and CEO of Virtual Gurus. A humane, successful tech founder who just happens to be an Indigenous LGBTQ woman.

Part 1

Part 2

Nuna Logistics: Indigenous business leaders are excellent partners

Grant Pearson, Vice President, Business Development at Nuna Logistics shared his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for Indigenous businesses, the importance of community trust and the development of the Far North.

Growclass: Do it scared

We recently sat down with Sarah Stockdale, the founder and CEO of Growclass, an online growth marketing training company. Sarah shared her thoughts on entrepreneurism, equity, the glass ceiling — and her desire to redefine what we consider success.

Accent Inns & Hotel Zed: The onus is on companies

Mandy Farmer, President and CEO of Accent Inns and Hotel Zed, shared her thoughts on entrepreneurism, gender equality, resilience and the obstacles faced by women business leaders.

Black Business and Professional Association: Everyone deserves to be seen

We recently sat down with Nadine Spencer, President and CEO of the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA). In the first of her two-part interview, Nadine shares her thoughts on entrepreneurism, equity, resilience and why economic opportunities for Black businesses and entrepreneurs begin with being seen.

Part 1

Part 2

truLOCAL: Championing better diversity in Canadian boardrooms

How can Canada better support Black businesses and entrepreneurs? Marc Lafleur, CEO of truLOCAL shares why he wants to push for more representation in Canadian boardrooms, to celebrate and feature Black entrepreneurs and business leaders and to extend the focus on success in the Black community to everyday conversations.

Business Score: Moving society forward through social entrepreneurship

Different perspectives can be the key to creating a product that people really like. Rich Serunjogi, founder and CEO of Business Score, discusses building a diverse business by default, how to overcome initial barriers and how large institutions can open doors for entrepreneurs to support one another and thrive.

Enterprising Minds: Encouraging entrepreneurism by celebrating success

A positive role model can be all the inspiration an aspiring entrepreneur needs to start running their own business. Marcus Francis, CEO of Enterprising Minds, shares the importance of authenticity, why more needs to be done to highlight and celebrate achievements and inventions of persons of colour and ways to encourage entrepreneurism and progress in the community.

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HSBC embraces the idea that openness leads to opportunity. By welcoming diverse ideas, different people and different points of view, we’ve helped our clients grow both locally and on a global scale.

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