Spend less time mitigating risk and more time forecasting your cash needs. Our tools add the layers of security you need to feel confident, and the solutions you want to stay on top of your business.

Account Reconciliation

Review transactions against your account balances, so you can easily verify balances, reconcile incoming receipts, identify outstanding items and access account information.

Positive Pay

Keep cheque fraud in check. Cheques are automatically compared against issuance data, and mismatched items are presented to you for approval or rejection.

Get Rate

Improve control and transparency to your foreign currency transactions with the Get Rate feature on HSBCnet. Get Rate enables you to view and instantly accept foreign exchange rates when making eligible priority payments and inter-account transfers.

FX Evolve

Simplify your foreign exchange trading with a flexible, efficient and powerful trading platform.

HSBCnet Mobile Authentication

Use either mobile PIN or biometric authentication, use your mobile device to verify your identity when you log on and access HSBCnet services.

HSBCnet Trade Transaction Tracker

Take a global view of your documentary credits, collections, trade loans and guarantees across the world in in one single app.

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